Knee Jerk and Gun Control

SONY DSCI am not in accordance with those who are too eager to to ban citizens from owning guns. Let’s solve the problem of sick people accessing gun and not trample on the rights and freedoms of sane law abiding people.

I speak only as one intelligent and law abiding man. I am well trained in a broad range of weapons, urban warfare and survival skills for all environments. I believe that I have the same right as the President of the USA to be able to access the same weapons and technology that he has in order to defend my family and myself. SWAT teams present over-scaled response in order to save lives. Criminals are more likely to surrender if they know that they are up against superior firepower. Home invasions rarely occur in communities where criminals believes that their is a high probability that the occupants can not only out-think them, but also outgun them.

This my friends is a personal statement, not a political position.

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2 Responses to Knee Jerk and Gun Control

  1. Lawson Douglas says:

    I strongly agree with your statement Dr. Its high time we stand up against the criminal elements in our society, By defenceding ourselves and family. there is a popular saying on the streets ” Yu cant bring knife to gun war” and this is true. It time we fight because we are the ones who are law abiding we pay the tax.I believe we have let our respective forefathers (local/ aboard) down by becoming such a spineless generation.

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