Updated December 2012

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If your religious experience begins at Genesis 1:1 and ends at Revelation 22:21, I have bad news for you. You have not yet begun your journey. If you were caught up in the fantasy of May 21, 2011 being Judgement Day and again on December 21, 2012 being the end of the world – shame on you. (More on that later). Let me now “prips” you to some of what parson did not or could not tell you.430470_10151061810496881_87039012_n

It is in Black Africa that we find the origins of man, civilization and religion. The first religion was created by the Twa people, the same one they call Pygmies. They lived in Central Africa. The earliest religion of sun worship covers all of Africa, from Monomotopa (South Africa), the Kongo, Ghana (West Africa), Rush (Ethiopia), to Kernet (Egypt).

All this was long before the first European religion…

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