Questions For Parson as You Get in The Christmas Spirit

If your religious experience begins at Genesis 1:1 and ends at Revelation 22:21, I have bad news for you. You have not yet begun your journey. If you were caught up in the fantasy of May 21, 2011 being Judgement Day and again on December 21, 2012 being the end of the world – shame on you. (More on that later). Let me now “prips” you to some of what parson did not or could not tell you.430470_10151061810496881_87039012_n

It is in Black Africa that we find the origins of man, civilization and religion. The first religion was created by the Twa people, the same one they call Pygmies. They lived in Central Africa. The earliest religion of sun worship covers all of Africa, from Monomotopa (South Africa), the Kongo, Ghana (West Africa), Rush (Ethiopia), to Kernet (Egypt).

All this was long before the first European religion (the Druids) was even conceived. The Druids date back before the 3rd century B.C. and was the main religion of Britain, Ireland and France. Their practice of human sacrifice and public sex orgies were eventually suppressed by Christianity.

Ask your parson what the maypole dance and halloween signify.

The indigenous religions of Black Africa are the forerunners of the Nile Valley religions as expressed in Nubia (Sudan), Kush (Ethiopia) and Kemet (Egypt). Egyptian religion and civilization is the result of the migration of Black Africans from the Upper Nile Valley and Central Africa along the 4,100 mile Nile River into Egypt. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all grew out of Egyptian religious concepts and worship of the Sun God Amen-Ra.

Ask your parson why you say “Amen” at the end of your prayers.

In Egypt man was the personification of divine authority but woman was the source of his power. Thus the role of woman was very central. Let us examine this fact as we introduce ISIS, the symbol of woman par excellence, the Goddess of Arts, Science and Agriculture. ISIS is the most dominant Goddess in ancient Egypt. She is the daughter of the sky goddess NUT and the earth god SEE. Her oldest brother was OSIRIS, he came to earth to bring civilization. ISIS aided this process by providing knowledge of agriculture. (Remember that women were the first gatherers of plants, fruits and seeds. OSIRIS was very popular and so was envied by his evil brother SUT (also known as SETH). SETH was the prototype for the archetype called “the devil”. OSIRIS was killed by SETH (this represents the prototype for the story of Cain and Abel). The Egyptians believed that as ISIS mourned for OSIRIS her tears formed the Nile. When she found his body she resurrected him, he impregnated her and then ascended into heaven. She conceived a son called HORUS. In all this we see the origins of the concepts of the resurrection and Immaculate Conception. OSIRIS is the symbol of God the father – ruler of the underworld. ISIS is the symbol of the sister/wife/mother of God thus mother of creation. While HORUS, the son of God is the ruler of earth.

Ask your parson about these symbols.

This is the first recorded example of a resurrected god ; the next examples we find in TAMUZ (Babylonian and Assyrian), MITHRAS (Persian), BALDER (Norwegian), DIONYSIUS (Greek), BACCHUS (Rome) and finally CHRIST. The oldest conception of an afterlife/soul dates back to OSIRIS. We also see the origins of the archetype called “judgement” – reward or retribution. We can also state that the concept of “virgin birth” is assumed in 16 other events before we get to Mary and Jesus.

Ask your parson about these.

Here ISIS and HORUS represent the origin of THE BLACK MADONNA AND CHILD, Christianity’s most sacred symbol. The influence of ISIS can be found in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, India (the mother of Buddha), China (the Chinese Queen of heaven Kwan-yin) and Japan (as Kwannon).
Ask your parson about these events and have a wonderful day.

Maybe you can understand Marley’s sentiments. “I feel like bombing a church, now that I know that the preacher is lying”. (Bob Marley)

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4 Responses to Questions For Parson as You Get in The Christmas Spirit

  1. Fran Chin says:

    “EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY”……this is a call for us to stop being lazy. Read, think, conclude logically.

  2. Reblogged this on The Semaj Mind Spa's Blog and commented:

    Updated December 2012

  3. BA says:

    “THE BLACK MADONNA AND CHILD, Christianity’s most sacred symbol”

    Need to do some homework and stop being lazy. This is not Christianity’s most sacred symbol. That honor belongs to the Cross.

    Ho Hum. Not sure what the overall point is though. It would be interesting to see what your sources are. Not that I disagree or agree, but sources make the difference, yes?

    Talk about bombing a church but you haven’t shown who is lying. Careful, maybe it is the preacher . . . maybe it is you or your sources. Just saying . . .

    • I am not trying to convince nor convert. i am not writing for an editor nor a thesis adviser. I am merely sharing what I know to be true. It’s on you if you need references in order to validate my ideas.
      Leahcim Semaj

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