2013 was The Year of Austerity, Let 2014 be The Year of Prosperity

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Time to Cut, Edit and Delete so That You Can Grow in 2014

If you can safely get through the Christmas madness you can begin to say goodbye to what has been a very testing year. A new year means that you get a chance to make a type of new start. In this way, 2014 brings the possibility for change, but remember that not all change is growth. In order to make room for the possibility of growth in 2014 you need to leave some things and some people behind (still in 2013). Start making your leave behind list from TODAY!


There are some issues and people that you could enrich your life in 2014. Start reaching out to them from TODAY! Remember that it is giving that you receive.

If you do not EDIT, CUT and DELETE some “life files” the “hard drive” becomes cluttered and even corrupted…

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