We Must Save Our Boys…or They May Come And Kill Us

Presentation Notes:  Leahcim Semaj, PhD – Guest Speaker

Office: 876-948-5627

Jamaica College  PTA,  May 13th, 2013


The conspiracy against males begins when the one egg released for the month by a woman unites with one of the millions of sperms produced by a man in the same month. Only the fittest of the fittest survives.

Between conception and birth reproductive waste is largely male.

This struggle continues until death.

The Gender Bias in Education

  • There are more high school places for girls than for boys
  • Therefore more girls will “pass” the GSAT than boys
  • Peter Espeut, Gleaner, July 4, 2007


The Average Primary School

  • Boys are often put to sit at the back, the students in front get more attention from the (usually female) teacher


The Gender bias in Education

  • high schools for boys only – 7
  • high schools for girls only –  14
  • The average boys’ high school is smaller than the average girls’ school
  • Co-educational high schools admit many more girls than boys -sometimes over 60% girls
  • More Jamaican girls will get to high school than boys



  • takes place at age 11 – when girls are psychologically more developed than boys
  • If it were a straight competition for high school places based on performance girls have a big (and unfair) advantage over boys

 For Every 100 Girls …

  • That are suspended from school – there are 250 boys
  • Who are expelled from school,  – there are 335 boys
  • In special education, – there are 217 boys
  • With a learning disability, there are 276 boys.
  • With an emotional disturbance diagnosed, we have 324 boys.
  • Diagnosed with ADHD – There are 400 boys
  • Ali Carr-Chellman (TED – 2011)

GENDER & the New Work Order

  • At primary and secondary school girls are outperforming boys worldwide
  • Females have vaulted the University gap – 80% of graduates
  • US Universities – 60% of BA degrees are going to women now, a significant shift
  • getting close to 70% female population in universities
  • administrators very nervous, girls don’t want to go to schools that don’t have boys

African American college male for every 100 female

  • 80 – 1970
  • 74 – 1976
  • 66 – 1978
  • 50 – 2004
  • 30 – 2011
  • Every 100 UWI Graduates – o15 males


Is This By Accident?

  • Our educational policies after slavery were designed to protect plantation labour supply
  • So sugar areas like Trelawny, St. Thomas and Vere, Clarendon and banana areas – like St. Mary had no high school admitting boys until relatively recently
  • If too many boys go to high school who would cut cane or weed bananas?
  • So it is not so much that the system favours girls as it disadvantages boys


What About The Church?

  • The Roman Catholic have only one boys’ high school
  • but all of 5 high schools for girls only
  • None of the single-sex schools were established by government


Co-educational schools

  • Boys and girls of the same age are put in the same class
  • This means that girls will nearly always do better
  • Potential negative psychological impact on boys


Some Believe That for Best Results high schools should all be single sex, each gender can progress at their optimal pace


Gender Gap Today

  • Men smoke more lung-cancer-causing cigarettes
  • Men drink more cirrhosis-of-the-liver-producing alcohol
  • Men take more mind bending hard drugs
  • Men have higher death rates for all 15 leading causes of death; from accidents to AIDS
  • Men eat more unhealthy, cardiovascular-disease producing red meat
  • Men expose themselves to more on-the-job disabling hazards
  • Men account for 94% of all on-the-job fatalities
  • Drive faster and more recklessly to kill and be killed
  • Men possess more firearms and other deadly weapons to take each others lives
  • Men have more stress and tension building competitive personalities

Family life affected

  • Women complain of a shortage of marriageable men and they will be right!

  • More men at the bottom of the economic ladder than women

  • And more men involved in crime

The Developmental Process

  • Boy – Male – Man
  • Work – Intimacy – Parenting
  • When boys do not become Productive – first they become Parasites -then they become Predators


Their DT Degree

  • What are they learning at the dining table (if you still have one?)


3rd Form is the last Chance – to master Math and English

  • Fraction, percent, decimal
  • Have you children been assessed?


3rd Form is the First Chance to start unravelling who and what they are

  • Have your children been assessed?


Helping Your Boy to discover and be what they are

  • (and it doesn’t have to end in ER)

“Time For Them to Get Disruptive!”

.What do they bring to the table?

  • They are the most tech savvy and demanding generation ever on this planet
  • Technology is in their DNA. The internet is their life.
  • They will use it for everything
  • They will be a transient workforce.
  • They will ‘follow the work’ and live where the work is based.
  • For they the virtual world is real – Friends, Fans, Followers and Contacts
  • Geography and distance are no hindrance, Everything is here and now – just a click away.
  • They more self-directed
  • They process information at lightning speed.
  • They are smarter than any other generation (how wise? Time will tell?)

IT is now time For You To Help Them to Get Disruptive!

Innovation Starts With Disruptive Hypotheses. (Luke Williams)

A disruptive hypothesis is an intentionally unreasonable statement that gets their thinking flowing in a different direction.

…are designed to upset their comfortable equilibrium and bring about an accelerated change in their own thinking.

The ability to ask, “What if?” is an essential part of every thinking person’s skill set.

To date they have been socialized towards the more traditional definition of “hypothesis,”

which is a best-guess explanation that’s based on a set of facts and can be tested by further investigation.

With a disruptive hypothesis, however, they don’t make a reasonable prediction

Such as…if I charge the battery, the phone will work.

Instead, they make an unreasonable provocation

(what if a cell phone didn’t need a battery at all?).

They education to date has been predictive –

They were socialized to “see things as they are and ask, ‘Why?

 It is now time for them to get provocative, time to dream things as they never were and asking, ‘What if?’”

In our fast-changing world, when certainties are no longer certain, the ability to imagine things as they never were and ask, “What if?,” is an essential part of every thinking person’s skill set.

What should They Want to Disrupt?

  •  Our pathological politics?
  •  Our anemic economic model?
  •  Our CRIMINAL justice system?
  •  Our sick Health care?
  •  Our Education system which has failed the majority?


Once they have a situation to focus on, describe it in one sentence:

“How can I disrupt the present reality by delivering an unexpected solution?”

The next goal is to start provoking the status quo.

Try to find a way to rearrange the pieces, which in turn will provoke a different way of looking at the situation.

  • What Can They Invert?
  • What Can They Re-Think? (Dare to Dream)
  • What is scarce that could be made abundant?
  • What is abundant that could be made scarce?
  • What is expensive that could be free?

After going through these steps, they should be able to generate several provocative hypotheses that will challenge the established way of looking at things

They must imagine radically new scenarios,

Ask unconventional questions, and discover unexpected advantages.

The general rule is that the bolder their “What Ifs,” the fresher the perspective they offer.

Disruptive Thinking Facilitates Foresight


  • The Single Most Critical Skill for the 21st Century

  •  Foresight is…
  • The Secret Ingredient of Success
  • critical to achievement in all areas of their life.
  • the key to survival in a world of disruptive innovation.
  • enables them to see opportunities, avoid threats, and chart the fastest path to their goals.

People who lack foresight are likely to find themselves unemployed when jobs are unexpectedly lost to new technologies, competition from overseas, or shifts in consumer tastes.

10 Forecasts for The Next 10 Years

Trends and Breakthroughs Likely to Affect Them

Will they be The Leaders, Observers, Passengers or Left behind?

1.   Their Generation could Have the most far reaching Impacts on the world – having a stronger entrepreneurial bent than their parents did. (Explain how consumption drives production)

 2. Genetic Research Could Soon Conquer Most Inherited Diseases

3. By 2025, the Worldwide Average Life-Span Will have Extended by One year Per Year—Only 15% of deaths worldwide will be due to naturally occurring infectious diseases.

 4. WiMAX Networks Will Soon Create Country-Wide Wireless Internet Access

 5.   Bioviolence will Become a Greater Threat—In the next decade, What side will they be on?

6.   Holographic 3-D TV will be here – project floating 3-D images by means of nanomaterials that bend light around objects.

 7.   Computers will utilize human-level artificial intelligence

8.   Electric Cars will Become Fully Practical by 2020

 9.   The next Green Gold will be Biofuels made from algae

10.       Water will Become the New Oil – and the motive for the next world war

It is imperative that they disrupt the status quo that is now stifling our country and become the Leaders, not just Observers of these global trends.

 Not just this nation, but Their health, their wealth, their life depends on this.

Will You Save Our Boys or Allow Them to be Eaten Alive.

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