PROFILE of Excellence: The Right Book at The Right Time

Keynote presentation at the launch by Leahcim Semaj (April 10, 2013)

IanBoyneBookC20130410WS LTS

PROFILE of  Excellence: Strategies for Extraordinary Achievement from 25 Years of Interviewing Remarkable People

  • by Ian Boyne  and  Glenford Smith

 This is The Right Book at The Right Time

PROFILE: The Phenomenon OF  Excellence

  • Chapter 1 Ian Boyne: Pattern of Excellence
  • Chapter 2 Profile: Programme of Excellence
  • Chapter 3 Personalities: People of Excellence

IanBoyneBookR20130410WS Ian

Ian Boyne epitomizes the use of media as a developmental tool:

That of taking the best of us

and sharing it with the rest of us

so that the virus of excellence can infest all of us.


Why did he not take the easy road, the low road:

 Highlighting the worst thats there

As if that was all we were.


Ian Boyne is the only jamaican journalist with a constant presence on radio, TV, print, columnist.

  • Print since 1975

  • TV since 1976

  • Profile since 1987

  • JIS “Issues & Answers” since 1998

  • Religious Hard Talk: radio since 2002, TV since 2004

25 years, 1 host, every week, #1 spot (and many media managers still believe that the people are stills saying “Give us Barabas, Give us Barabas”

“He Instilled that empowering mantra into the hearts and minds of ordinary Jamaicans has been the unswerving mission of the veteran Jamaican journalist for 25 years. He has featured more than 1,300 notable achievers on his multi-award winning show since that inaugural episode on which he interviewed then Grace Kennedy CEO, Carlton Alexander. Those highly successful individuals have come from every possible background, personality, and professional discipline. They have been philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, scientists, artists, entertainers, sports superstars, scholars, politicians, religious luminaries and ordinary Jamaicans who have exemplified qualities of resilience, determination and courage to achieve noteworthy success.”

Why did media manager not try to (or succeed in)  killing this show (or did they and he has been diplomatic)? so as to prevent him becoming a star? (As some do?)

I know what newspapers pay columnists. How was he able to subsidize the daily newspapers from 1975 to present?

We are introduced to:

  • The Characteristics of Ian Boyne’s Journalism career and

  • The 10 Secrets of Ian Boyne’s Journalistic Preeminence

Who is Ian Boyne?

We are given no insight into the forces that shaped this phenomenal human being. None of the type of  information that he elicits from his guests each week is shared.

  • Where did he grow up?

  • Who shaped his voracious hunger for knowledge?

  • What cemented his faith in the Jamaican people?

  • Why has he never done a ‘Profile Type’ interview.

I have heard him as  a guest on various radio discussion programmes dealing with political issues but he has never accepted an invitation from me to talk about himself.

I am offering an invitation again tonight for him to be my special guest this Thursday night. Tune in to 94FM at 8 pm and you will get the answer.

IanBoyneBookZJ20130410WS Ian2

The Right Book at The Right Time

In the bigger picture of things this book can be seen to fall into the category Divine Providence as displayed by the African proverb  “When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Arrive”.

On Aug 5, 2012 – during the euphoria of the Jamaica 50 and Olympic celebration I wrote the following:

 The mission for the next 10 years begins when we assemble a team of the most nationalistic, creative, entrepreneurial and visionary Jamaicans. Their task will be to convert our demonstrated competitive advantage in such areas as thought leadership, the creative arts and sports as they combine with education, agriculture and health care into a sustainable developmental model for the Jamaican Nation. If we miss this window future generations should not forgive us.

Today we have the documentation coming from over 1300 interviews. From this rich material the essence has been extracted in the form of:

The Seven Pillars of E Excellence

  • Chapter 4 Obsessive Vision—The Fuel of Excellence 45
  • Chapter 5 Belief—The Key to Excellence 67
  • Chapter 6 Opportunities—The Seed of Excellence 99
  • Chapter 7 Strategic Plan—The Road map to Excellence 127
  • Chapter 8 Hard Work – The Price of Excellence
  • Chapter 9 Teamwork – Support for Excellence
  • Chapter 10 Persistence – Commitment to Excellence

 The Three Attitudes of Excellence

  • Chapter 11 Self-Responsibility 207
  • Chapter 12 Discipline 219
  • Chapter 13 Resilience 263

Please note that none required that you “beg yu MP bly”

 If the GG is right, and I believe that he is;

“There is nothing wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by what is right with Jamaica.”

let’s do it.

We have no excuse for being in the predicament that we now are given the powerful spirit of the Jamaican people as displayed in this book.

“I believe that now, more than ever, the role of Profile becomes indispensable in empowering Jamaicans everywhere to embody self-belief, courage and a spirit of resilience. It is these attitudes that will light an inner path of hope as we confidently move forward through the thick, dense darkness of our social and economic challenges. I firmly believe in the maxim that success leaves clues. And within these pages are revealed, in plain language and compelling stories, the proven clues for solving the puzzle of human excellence. I encourage all Jamaicans to learn them; to apply them and thereby realize their possibilities for achieving their full God-given potential for personal greatness, despite the odds…

  • His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick L. Allen, ON, GCMG, CD Governor-General of Jamaica

Dennis Chung

To complete the signs of my “Pronoia” (the universe conspiring in our favor  Dennis Chung is now PSOJ President. He has ridden a bicycle from Kingston to Negril. On Friday April 5th he posted the following:

 “The ordinary Jamaican understands very well the workings of the economy and all we need to do to engage people most times is just have conversations with them. Speak to them like our peers rather than treat them like they don’t understand. As a country we need to engage each other and speak as equals not speak down to them”.

 He has published 2 books:

Achieving Life’s Equilibrium: is about maximizing the quality of our lives. How to achieve the optimal mix of health, wealth, and happiness in your life.

Charting Jamaica’s Economic and Social development is an examination of Jamaica’s economic history and an analysis of what the fundamental issues are with Jamaica’s lack of economic and social development.  He makes prescriptions for turning this around to ensure economic growth and social development.

  • “We have all that we need to create what we want, because all the resources we need are in our minds” –   Theodore Roosevelt
  •  “We have problems… but we have ideas and we have each other, Start with these, and change the world” –   Liz Coleman

 We celebrate 1834 to 1838 as The Abolition of Slave Trade

but for Europe this time frame represented the epicenter of the Industrial revolution – They used the disruption to change the game

 What are we doing? Besides borrowing more money?

 “If we keep doing what we have always done we will only get what we have always gotten”

 IT IS Time to get Disruptive!

A disruptive hypothesis is an intentionally unreasonable statement that gets your thinking flowing in a different direction.


  •  “We must cut our fuel and food import bill by 50% this year”

 With a disruptive hypothesis, however, you don’t make a reasonable prediction (if I charge the battery, the phone will work).

Instead, you make an unreasonable provocation (what if a cell phone didn’t need a battery at all?).

The difference between prediction and provocation is the difference between “seeing things as they are and asking, ‘Why?,’ or dreaming things as they never were and asking, ‘What if?’”

 Here’s my proposal:

IanBoyneBookC20130410WS LTS

 What if

  • we invited 50 persons from the 1300 + persons who have tested and proven via Profile
  • assemble them in 10 teams of 5 persons
  • give them 1 month to produce their best ideas to move this nation out of the rut of underachieving for the past 50 years, using the 7 Principles and 3 Attitudes.
  • we select the 10 most feasible projects and make THEM happen

 Why can’t we do this?

There are people in this room who can make this happen. If not us, then who? If now now, then when?  – 

  • (John Kennedy quoting Rabbi Hillel)

If we miss this window future generations should not forgive us.

Thank You Ian Boyne

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