Rules For Surviving The Recession of 2013: As The Jamaican $ Slides Past The 100:1 Mark.




By Leahcim Semaj

I first began drafting these rules in December of 2009. Since then the Jamaica economy has contracted further.  The presentations from our Prime Minister and Minister of Finance (on February 11, 2013) did not convince me that we have any reason for celebration.  The present prediction is that the next two years (2013 to 2014) will be very challenging. Our dollar has slid past the 100 to 1 Rubican exchange rate. I believe that in order to ensure our survival and viability, we have to be even more prepared now.

What if ?…..
the Global economic crisis of 2008 represents something much more fundamental than a deep recession?

What if ?…..
What if it’s telling us that the whole growth model we created over the last 50 years is simply unsustainable economically and ecologically and that 2008 was when we hit the wall
when Mother Nature and the market both said: ‘No more’? (Thomas Friedman)

  •  “We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems”. –  Lee Iococca
  • “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn

Growth Requires That We Know When To Hold & When To Let Go:

The archer sets up for the kill by pulling back and holding the bow,
but the accuracy of the shot is determined by knowing just when to let go.
Both components are critical

“Knowledge is learning something new every day.
Wisdom is letting go of something every day.” – Zen Proverb

Growth Requires That We Know How To Mix – Past, Present & Future:

  • Life is best tackled with a 5:3:2 formation

50% of your focus should be focused on shaping the future,
30% should be on perfecting the present,
20% should be on reviewing and learning from the past.

  • You cannot safely go forward by spending all your time viewing life through the rear view mirror.

Rule #1. Social PARASITES will begin to morph and then ultimately evolve into PREDATORS of all type – be prepared for the changes and be willing to take action. Expect more of this as the devaluation continues.

Rule #2: PREDATORS will increase in numbers and the begin to join forces – this will exponentially increase their strength to the level of PIRATES. This option has been somewhat reduced by the Jamaican Security Forces clinical dismantling of the criminal gang that had  occupied Tivoli Gardens. The transition from ‘predator’ to ‘pirate’ was initially somewhat lengthy, with many options for disruption along the way. But the politics intervened and we did not continue to disrupt the crime factories in Clarendon and St. James. Now we are almost back to square one.

Rule #3. If you own it and you value it, you must be willing to defend it, if you wish to keep it. (It can be person, place, thing, concept or idea). This is still valid and must be constantly acknowledged. Persons with criminal intent more often select soft target, ones from which they have reason to believe will offer little resistance. Each time that you surrender you possession (or ideas) with not even an attempt at defense the perpetrator is further strengthen to continue. Behaviour is still governed by consequences.

Rule #4: Without confidence in self, you are twice defeated (in the race of life). (Marcus Garvey). You have to boldly face the daily uncertainties, realizing that the ability to “bluff” is a critical part of a winning strategy in the poker game called life.

Rule #5: Human Capital multiplied by Social Capital will provide unlimited rewards for both individuals and their communities. It is very important that you identify, build and consolidate your ‘community’ and support base using the capabilities afforded by the internet.

Rule #6: Prepare yourself to Grow, Nyam, Giweh and Sell – this process will more than compensate for the decline in the power and availability of Finance Capital. We can modify the steps to now say – Grow, Nyam, Giweh and Sell. Selling some of your produce will prove to be a much more sustainable model.

Rule #7: Those who have the insight to “Set up Shop” will significantly increase the chance of not just survival, but of prosperity.  Our economy will continue to contract as our politicians know how to win elections, but not how to grow GDP. Those of us who observe and learn the needs that exists and are willing to take the risk of developing products and services will survive and may even prosper. Your primary objective should be to make a profit on what you do, rather that earn a wage from what you do.

It is imperative that the imported content of your product should be kept to a minimum.  Increasing the possibility of earning hard currency and passive income should be optimized. That’s the only way we can truly survive and prosper.

Tell Wall Street I am coming soon.

I augment all this with My Spiritual Solutions

1. When you operate in the spiritual dimension the “hurdles” presented by Economic Challenges are treated as nothing more than a test of your character. Now is your chance to separate wants from needs, essentials from optionals, “I must” from “I chose to”.

  • With this path you are victorious.

2. What a great time to team up with family, friends, neighbors or co-workers to “eat what you grow and grow what you eat”?

  • I pledge to eat 100% Jamaican grown food at least 4 days per week, preferable grown on my farm.

3. What a great time to reduce you food intake by 20%?

  • Fewer calories consumed will do well for my “waist management” programme.

4. Why not begin to turn off and plug out so as to cut your electrical consumption by 20%?

  • Start planning for renewable energy options.

5. What a great time to stop smoking and reducing your alcohol consumption?

6.  If you are among the 65% of the Jamaican work force that avoid the paying of income tax or among the 90% of Jamaican businesses who pay no taxes, remember

  • … “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s …“

7. I will work with the inconvenience of having to show a valid TCC (Tax Compliance Certificate) in order to renew my driver’s license.

  • Are you?

8. All medical doctors, lawyers and others group who require annual practicing certificates should have to present valid TCCs at the time of renewal.

9. The more limited your material resources are, the more you need to draw on the spiritual forces.

To be continued.

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